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The Benefits of Modern Dentistry

The evolution of dentistry and advances in dental equipment and techniques have dramatically changed in the last decade. These improvements have enabled providers to more thoroughly, effectively, and comfortably treat patients. Staying current on these advancements enables our office to remain on the leading edge of dental technology and allows our patients gain a better understanding of their overall oral health and the treatment that may be needed.


Intraoral Cameras

Has a dentist ever tried to describe what they see clinically changing in your mouth and the reason a tooth may need treatment? Prior to intraoral cameras, patients had a difficult time visualizing and understanding conditions in their mouth and teeth. Intraoral cameras allow dentists to capture images of the soft tissue and teeth in full color that can be enlarged on a screen. This allows you as the patient to see what we as dentists see, and helps you to better understand the changes in your oral health. With better communication, both dentists and patients are able to visualize the same things, identify areas of concern, and come up with the best treatment for optimal oral health moving forward.


Digital X-Rays

With better efficiency and effectiveness, digital radiography acquires images that use shorter exposure time and less radiation exposure, compared to traditional film-developed dental x-rays. With immediate imaging results, digital x-rays not only take less time to complete, but the images can be enlarged and adjusted on the computer screen to make detecting abnormalities or decay more visible.


Same Day Crowns

A traditional crown procedure typically takes at least two dental visits until completion, whereas with modern technology, this same procedure can now be done in the office in a single dental visit. The tooth is prepared in the same way as would be with a traditional crown. However, instead of using a messy impression mold to capture the tooth form for crown fabrication, the tooth and surrounding area are digitally scanned using a special camera. These digital images are then combined to create a three dimensional model on a computer and allows Dr. Sproul to design a personalized crown. The crown is then created in our office using a CEREC milling machine and cemented the same day of preparation, thus eliminating the need for a temporary and second dental visit.


Dental technology is constantly changing. It is important to us at Sonja Sproul Dentistry, to continue to provide the latest systems and equipment to ensure your dental visit is effective, convenient, and comfortable.