Eugene Dentist Halloween 2018

Halloween Tooth Tips

With Halloween around the corner, the health of your teeth may not be the first thing on your mind. Chocolate, caramel, and other sticky, surgery treats will be the all-consuming thought on most children’s minds, as this frightfully sweet holiday quickly approaches. Luckily, we have some dental hints, tips and tricks to guide you through this holiday to keep your smile healthy and cavity-free!

Enjoy the Halloween Fun

This is a fun tradition that families enjoy and we want you to keep enjoying it too!  Instead of kids sneaking candy and binging, try portioning out the candy. Each night after Halloween, have kids choose 2-3 pieces of candy to enjoy and put the rest away for the following night or week.

Pick a Time

Instead of eating surgery snacks all day long, set a time when kids are allowed to sit and enjoy their treat. This encourages children to view candy as what it is, a treat that should be savored. They will surely look forward to this time!

Tricks and Tips for Parents

Prior to the big event, have a fulfilling dinner. Trick or treating on a full stomach will prevent over-eating when kids get home with full bags of candy. Also make sure kids drink plenty of water after eating their treats, especially if toothbrush is not readily available. After children enjoy their chosen several pieces of candy for the evening, make sure they brush extra well, floss and use a fluoride mouthwash to prevent cavities.

Recommendations from a Dentist

Of course sugar free candy and gum are the best choices, however these are usually not top picks during the Halloween season  🙂 Instead, choose candy that melts or dissolves quickly. Sticky, chewy and hard candies are the hardest on teeth, as they take longer to eat and can more easily get stuck around teeth. Make sure children’s adult back chewing teeth are sealed. Sealants, along with regular fluoride exposure ensures teeth have extra protection going into this sweet holiday. Always remember, sweet treats can be enjoyed, but make sure to always follow up with brushing, flossing, and regular trips to the dentist.