Eugene Dentist Sonja Sproul Lemon Water

Lemon Water-It is good for me, but is it good for my teeth?

Starting the day drinking a glass of fresh squeezed lemon water has become very popular. Lemon water has been shown to aid in digestion, support weight loss, and promote hydration among many other benefits. However, one downside is that our pearly whites can suffer. Due to a high concentration of citric acid in lemons, drinking lemon water exposes teeth to increased acidity that can cause enamel erosion. Enamel is the protective covering that protects teeth. When enamel becomes eroded, teeth may appear to yellow, have increased sensitivity, and leave teeth at risk for cavity development. Following are some tips to help get the benefits of drinking lemon water, while maintaining a healthy white smile 🙂

Drink through a straw. Minimizing direct tooth contact reduces the chance of enamel erosion, but be careful if the water is hot!

Wait 30 minutes after drinking to brush. The acid in lemon water weakens tooth enamel and therefore brushing right after drinking may damage the enamel while it is in a weakened state. Wait for the mouth’s pH to neutralize before brushing teeth clean.

Avoid drinking lemon water throughout the day. Adding lemon to your water and sipping it throughout the day consistently exposes your teeth to a more acidic environment. Try cucumber or other infused water instead!