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Protect your smile from tooth decay

Smile confidently with tooth-colored fillings

Concerned about cavities? At Sonja Sproul Dentistry, we offer high-quality tooth-colored composite fillings that restore the function and appearance of your teeth in a single visit. Our state-of-the-art materials ensure a perfect match with your natural teeth and long-lasting durability.

Request an appointment today and enjoy a cavity-free, radiant smile. Your dental health is our top priority.

Why we recommend white fillings over silver

  • Appearance – White composite fillings are tooth-colored, providing a natural and aesthetically pleasing appearance. They blend seamlessly with the surrounding teeth, making them an excellent choice for visible areas of the mouth.
  • Durability – White composite fillings require less removal of healthy tooth structure compared to traditional amalgam fillings. This conservative approach helps preserve more of the natural tooth, contributing to its long-term health and strength.
  • Eco-friendly – White composite fillings eliminate the potential health and environmental risks associated with mercury exposure.
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Meet your Eugene fillings team

Dr. Sproul and her dedicated team are here to help you achieve your dental and overall health goals. We offer personalized treatment plans for a beautiful smile and comprehensive well-being. Schedule a consultation to discuss your oral health and find out if your smile can benefit from dental fillings.

Trusted by hundreds of patients

I highly recommend Sonja Sproul Dentistry. The entire staff is welcoming and makes you feel right at home. The office itself has a great aesthetic and is very modern. I look forward to every appointment!

— Aaron C.

This dental office is amazing. From the amazing staff at the front to the hygienists and Dr. Sproul, there has never been a time when I didn’t feel comfortable and well cared for. They make everything seamless and I wouldn’t go anywhere else!

— Mackenzie P.

Outstanding! One of Eugene’s best dentists.

— David M.

A peek at your consultation

  • NPersonalized one-on-one discussion to address your specific needs and concerns
  • NComprehensive oral health assessment, taking into account existing fillings and your dental history
  • NBespoke dental fillings treatment plans, crafted to meet your smile goals
  • NExpert guidance, including insights into how to maintain your health and prevent concerns in the future

Insurance & Financing

Sonja Sproul Dentistry is in-network with Delta Dental and Pacific Source. Our team guides you through understanding and optimizing your insurance coverage. Additionally, we offer flexible financing through CareCredit, providing transparent and accessible financial solutions tailored to your dental needs.

Give us a call to learn more at (541) 689-2001.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What types of dental fillings do you offer?

We focus on white tooth-colored composite fillings, providing a natural appearance while effectively addressing dental concerns.

Are white fillings as durable as traditional options?

Yes, these fillings are durable and resilient. They also offer a more aesthetically pleasing and environmentally friendly alternative to traditional silver fillings.

How do I know if I need dental fillings?

We’ll conduct a comprehensive dental examination to determine if fillings are necessary to address decay and strengthen your oral health. Common indicators include visible cavities, tooth sensitivity, or discomfort while eating.

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